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Elegance Strawberry

Elegance is a serious contender to replace the industry standard of Elsanta, currently accepted by most major multiples.  This particular berry is an excellent all-rounder with two exceptional qualities.  Firstly, the look is perfect as the name suggests and secondly, the yield is as much as 175g/plant more than Elsanta.

General - Elegance strawberry

Yield and Seasonality

Class 1 yield per mm of crown diameter is up to 50% higher than Elsanta in 60 day production; 400g per plant achieved from 12mm crown compared to 250g for 13mm Elsanta crown.  Peak yield is establised 2 days after Elsanta.

General - Elegance Yield

Fruit Quality

Elegance has wonderful punnet appeal with perfectly shaped orange/red berries.  The shelf life is first class due to good skin strength and firm flesh.  The berries have a uniformly conic shape and a very similar brix when compared to the industry standard Elsanta.

How To Grow Elegance

Good news here, Elegance will grow anywhere as long as the roots are in the soil or sub straight.  Elegance will yield well in any system, though it lends itself particularly well to open field growing.  The plant is vigorous and has a good tolerance to major diseases and very good rain tolerance.

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